Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Amazing: Child Gestated with Transplanted Uterus

Earlier this year, a clinical team at Gothenberg University in Sweden carried out a clutch of uterus transplants, into women with 'absolute uterine factor infertility.' That means they were either born without a uterus or had some disease that required the removal of the uterus.

Many -- but not all -- women want to have the experience of gestating their children, so there have been various efforts over the past couple years to perfect uterus transplants for these women.

The first effort involved a uterus taken from a dead donor, but the transplants in Sweden involved living donors.

Amazing to report:  this team has achieved the first live birth of a child, gestated in a transplanted uterus.  As the clinical team reported, they have completely done away with the diagnostic category:  "absolute uterine factor infertility" because that condition -- not having a uterus -- is not absolute anymore. 

For some details, see:

(The scientific journal article is:  M.Mats Brännström, L. Johannesson, H. Bokström, et al., The Lancet, epublished Oct 6.  It's unfortunately behind a paywall, unless your library has access.)

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